Zing Zumm, Children’s Museum of Jacksonville: A Fun and Educational Destination in Jacksonville, NC


Zing Zumm, Children’s Museum of Jacksonville, is a vibrant and engaging museum unlike any other. It’s dedicated to providing children with a hands-on educational experience that’s both fun and enriching. Located in Jacksonville, North Carolina, the museum offers a variety of interactive exhibits and activities designed to stimulate curiosity, creativity, and learning in young minds. Learn more here.

History and Mission

The idea for Zing Zumm was born out of a deep understanding of children’s needs. We wanted to create a safe and enriching environment where children could explore, learn, and play uniquely. The museum’s founders recognized this need, and since its opening, Zing Zumm has been committed to inspiring and nurturing children’s minds through interactive play and educational exhibits. Learn more about Jack Amyette Park: A Community Gem in Jacksonville, NC.

Interactive Exhibits

Zing Zumm boasts a wide range of exhibits that cater to different age groups and interests. Some of the key exhibits include:


  • Imagination Playground This exhibit features large foam blocks that children can use to build structures, encouraging creativity and teamwork.
  • Art Studio: A space where budding artists can explore various forms of art, from painting to sculpture, under the guidance of knowledgeable staff.
  • STEM Lab This lab is Focused on science, technology, engineering, and math and provides hands-on activities and experiments that make learning these subjects fun and engaging.
  • Toddler Zone: This safe area is designed specifically for the youngest visitors. It offers age-appropriate toys and activities to stimulate early development.