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Jacksonville NC Paving Pros is well-versed in pavement maintenance. We know the best ways to protect your asphalt surfaces and how to make sure your parking lots and asphalt driveways last. Our robust service options and quality work means that you won’t need to find a separate sealcoating contractor when it comes time to do routine maintenance on your asphalt surfaces!

How We Can Help

Our experienced crew offers sealcoating and crackfilling to help prevent expensive repairs and damage caused by water infiltration. Before performing a high-quality sealing job, we check over your pavement surface for areas in need of repair. We provide long lasting repairs and maintenance that restore the smooth asphalt surface of your driveway, parking lot and road.

Sealcoating for Residential and Commercial Properties

We provide expert sealcoating for local business owners, home owners, and property managers. If you have a mall, apartment complex, condo community, store parking lot, road or driveway that needs the benefits of pavement sealer, get in touch! We’ll be happy to provide a free quote. Our preventive maintenance services include:

We offer free quotes on everything we do, including all of our repair, maintenance and sealcoating services. Our experienced estimator will discuss your project and go over any questions about the sealcoating process you may have. Most asphalt does not need to be resealed every year, and we can provide experienced advice on whether your asphalt is ready for a fresh application of seal coat.

Save Money With Routine Maintenance

Quality maintenance services help reduce long term repair costs. When your asphalt surfaces have deep cracks, these should be repaired before freeze-thaw cycles in winter. By promptly repairing large cracks with asphalt crack filler, your pavement’s foundation is protected from water penetration and erosion.

High quality sealer made of coal tar or asphalt emulsion boosts curb appeal and is a protective layer. Asphalt sealing ensures paved surfaces don’t dry out, becoming brittle and prone to cracking. The sealcoating process is a cost-effective measure that extends the life of your asphalt.

An application of sealcoat has a short drying time and is ready for foot traffic after only a few hours. Asphalt sealer can be applied in either one or two coats depending on budgetary and time constraints and other factors. Regular sealcoating not only protects asphalt from the drying effects of UV rays, but also from damaging oil spills, and other wear and tear.

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Asphalt Maintenance Services

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Seal Coating

Seal coating lays down a robust layer of protection that guards asphalt from water infiltration, UV rays, and damage from oil spots. It also has a dark black color that restores the look of fresh asphalt. Our asphalt expert can provide a free consultation on whether your pavement is ready for a new layer of seal coat.

Crack Repair

As asphalt flexes with the earth, cracks can develop. We offer durable crack filling and flexible sealing to prevent water damage and debris infiltration from coming through these cracks and causing more expensive repairs. Keep your asphalt in good condition with annual crack repair.